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Crack the Wellness Code

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Our Story

Crack the Wellness Code (CWC) was initiated in the famed Silicon Valley across San Francisco Bay Area and now spreading worldwide. As an independent Wellness Platform conceived by Dr. Pankaj Vij (Lifestyle Medicine Champion & Author) and Naren Bakshi (Health Hero & Community Leader), it all began with a mega-conference that had the making of an innovative ecosystem. Backed by the community at large, it became a program of ICC (India Community Center) – the largest secular and non-political Community Center of South Asians in North America. Doctors, Health Heroes, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Wellness Products & Service Providers contribute to this rapidly expanding Wellness Movement.

Our Vision

Improve wellbeing of 100k challenged South Asians in Bay Area and the community at large (lacking right and timely information, resources and networks) in 5 years through affordable holistic solution focusing on preventive care, lifestyle, diet and best practices, combining evidence based Western and Eastern Wellness therapies with our proven innovative Wellness Ecosystem.

Our Mission



Conference, Workshop, Webinar, Podcast & Immersive Retreats



Exemplary Doctors, Health Heroes with Show & Tell Approach



Support Groups, Meetups, Technology Platform & Apps



Surveys, Indices & Impact Assessment

Our Journey So Far

As part of our journey

We Support Indus Wellness Code

The focus of ICC Crack the Wellness Code is on South Asians and Indians local to SF Bay Area and world wide. Given the genetic dispossession of South Asian, there are certain ailments like Heart, Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, etc. that continue be high risk factors. Our focus would remain in this demographics and the challenges faced by them. We have access to local South Asians and through partnership with TIE Global & Indiaspora, we have access to Indians world wide across the hubs, we support. Our India initiatives called, Indus Wellness Code Trust, was launched in April 2021, following 12 months of experiment since the outbreak of COVID19. This India initiative is managed by a team of trained professionals with funding from Naren Bakshi and support of CWC.

The Problem that We Address

Many successful professionals and entrepreneurs are grappling with health issues. Children and seniors in our community need the right health resources at the right time. Healthy lifestyle and eating habits are often the crux of this problem. With 18% US GDP spent on healthcare and rising medical bills as well as stress playing havoc, the search for universal solution is a nationwide concern that has global footprints.

The Solution - Wellness Movement

So, we went beyond our 700+ sold out events to embrace a wide range of Wellness best practices that among others include Workshops, Mentoring by Health Heroes, Health Activity Support Groups, Clinics and Technology platform to scale. Focus of our Wellness Movement to be on lifestyle, functional medicine and preventive care.

We are rolling out a series of programs and health practices for community members to improve health and wellbeing by accessing effective solutions as well as resources on a sustainable basis. From the current 25,000, we aim to touch the lives of more than 100,000 people both onsite and online in 5 years.

Wellness Trends & Happenings

Catch up with the CWC NEWSLETTER for the latest offerings, tips and access resources.