Donate to ICC CWC Wellness and Tech Projects to support our COVID-19 impacted community. ICC is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

The Goal

Our immediate goal is to raise $120,000 to sustain our unique Wellness Movement and invest in much needed tech platforms, tool plus content generation to ensure our community remains healthy and happy.

Ways To Donate

  • Donate through our website:
  • You can also mail the check, favouring India Community Centre (CWC), 525 Los Coches Street, Milpitas California 95035.
  • Donate your appreciated stocks to avoid capital gains tax. Please connect with
  • Donate from your Donor Advised Fund or your Private Foundation
  • If you/your spouse work at a corporation that match donations of their employees to the non-profits they support, it is an easy way to DOUBLE or sometimes TRIPLE your support. Many like Google, Chevron, Applied Materials match the donations of their employees. In that case, give us the name of the corporation you work at and the amount and timing of the matching donation to ICC,
  • Automatic payroll deductions to ICC – please inform us if you do enroll by emailing to
  • Also, contact Rupal: if the organization you work for wants to avail sponsorship opportunities to support ICC CWC mission to Educate, Inspire, Empower and Impact community on Wellness.   

Derive Government’s special tax-benefits to donors for charities they care but disrupted by COVID-19

  • Non-itemizers can claim a deduction for up to $300 in charitable giving, or $600 for a household filing jointly.
  • Households can deduct charitable gifts of up to 100% of their adjusted gross income, (higher than previous 60%) effectively eliminating their federal tax liability in 2020. (In an effort to encourage immediate giving, donations to donor-advised funds will not qualify).

We continue to expand outreach to support the community in our challenging times

Crack the Wellness Code (CWC) of India Community Center (ICC), North America’s largest non-religious and non-political Community Center focusing on South Asians, offers an innovative ecosystem for preventive care and best practices combining the best of Western and Eastern therapies. This Ecosystem is made up of doctors, nutritionist, dietitians, health heroes, coaches, health tech pros, entrepreneurs, and Wellness Champions.

It serves the community across San Francisco Bay Area and started reaching out to other US locations and worldwide through multiple online initiatives. After conducting 15 events since first 20 months of inception, we were hit by the global pandemic challenges. This motivated us to expand outreach with 15+ online initiatives till May 31, 2020 after rolling our 11 in first 3 weeks. Our participants range from 12-year old to 92 years and we touch youth, seniors, corporates, entrepreneurs, professionals as well as economically challenges sections.

Our immediate goal is to raise $120,000

With COVID-19, traditional revenue base for onsite activities are no longer an option. Whereas, the “new normal” of Wellness standards (when measured in terms of physical and mental well-being) are now several notches higher and will remain so in the times to come. So, despite cancellation of all paid events and programs with complete revenue depletion, we continued to offer free online sessions to help the community thrive during this debilitating pandemic.

We further accelerated our digital programs for free with the aim to launch paid membership to offer both online and onsite benefits. Additionally, members to enjoy several privileges plus discounts from our suppliers/providers of Wellness cum health products as well as services.

Meanwhile, we need to immediately raise $ 120,000 to invest in technology – community driven mobile app with handy resources, health tips, practices, and engagement tools along with online content/initiatives. We also must take care of our modest operational cost for sustenance and to grow our innovative wellness ecosystem.