Wellness Patrons, Donor and ICC Board Members

As the Wellness Patron (WP) network grows, we create a great legacy of Wellness Champions, who wholeheartedly support our endeavors. Apart from Wellness Patrons, the Founding Donors and ICC Board Members (mostly Wellness Practitioners, Entrepreneurs & Investors) supported the Wellness Movement.

Not an exhaustive list, its expanding

Naren Bakshi
Gautam Godhwani
Anil Godhwani
Shri Chawla
Navin Chaddha
Raju Reddy
Varkha Chellani
Munjal Shah
Mir Imran
Manish Chandra
Mohan Uttarwar
Gautam Sinha
Shaista Ali
Praveen Maheshwari
Meera Rao
Rajiv Puranik
Kamal Gogineni
Manish Kothari
Ketan Kothari
Girish Gaitonde
Amit Gupta
Ajmal Noorani
Karl Mehta

Patrons are the supporting pillars of the ICC Wellness Resource Center (WRC) that unleashes a series of programs and health practices for the community to improve health and well being by accessing effective solutions as well as resources on a sustainable basis.

We invite modest one time donations at the Patron level before WRC becomes a self-funded enterprise with multiple revenue channels by 2020 end. Typically, Patrons include: Medical Practitioners, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Healthcare Market Experts, Proactive Researchers, Certified Coaches, Nutritionists, Health Heroes and Health Ambassadors. If you don’t fall into any of these category and want to be a Patron, contact us.

Privilege Package for Donors (subject to changes and be graded based on the starting amount that range from $ 5000 and can be specifically customized based on the amount committed

  • Recognition in website and select digital promo material
  • Recognition in major events
  • Regular updates on activities and progress on Wellness Initiatives
  • Invite and free entry with special seating as Patron to 4 lead events for 1 year (can be more depending on the donor contribution)
  • Free paid webinars linked to the contribution level
  • Discounts in health and wellness workshops (free or discount linked to contribution)
  • Discounts in cooking and healthy eating programs (free or discount linked to contribution)
  • Proactively engaging in Health Hero and Health Activity Support Group programs
  • Facilitating access to the proliferating network of our Wellness Community
  • Arranging meetings with health experts, nutritionists, seasoned practitioners, Wellness Champions as well as other Patrons who are iconic individuals and philanthropists

We have Mega Patrons category for those wanting to donate higher amount with highly customized packages and linked to specific project like Health Heroes, Health Support Activity Groups, Website and Tech Platforms. Also, future resources or assets created by the Wellness Resource Center could be in the name of a person of their choice. Any other level of customization to be explored through mutual
consultation to suit their interest and engagement plans. To avail this opportunity, contact us for personalized dedicated session with the leadership team.