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Health Heroes


This is a unique initiative to impact our rapidly growing community of members ready to adopt Wellness best practices, receive mentoring and attend dedicated coaching sessions. Special interest groups to match Health Heroes with those looking for help are effective platforms that at times get facilitated by Wellness Doctor Patrons to support health and wellbeing on a sustained basis.

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Health Heroes by Definition

Those who have reversed their chronic diseases and managed health crisis with exemplary preventive techniques, lifestyle or best practices.

Those who have consistently maintained sound mind-body wellness status, setting great examples for others. Health heroes are also vetted by doctors and experts.

Those battling health challenges and ready to take the leap of change, and inspire others with their wisdom, learning and resilience.


The 1-20-100 metrics of transformation.

Through a bunch of initiatives that include role play, knowledge dissemination, mentoring, etc., It is estimated that 1 HH should be able to directly impact 10 community members. With 100 HH, as many as 1000 could be impacted over a defined period (12 months and more). The aim is to transform the health of community members through various tools and platforms. Following the HH Workshop for Transformation and Impact, A series of workshops (including online sessions) lined up to create including more Health Heroes in the Community across SF Bay Area and beyond.

Health Heroes


Inspiring stories, learning tried best practices.

Supplemental inputs besides what the physicians tell you.

Getting connected to wellness role models

Learning from practical inspirational stories

Mentoring opportunities

Positive network effect on Mind-Body Wellness

Deriving advantages of a pool of mentor and mentees




Best Practices

Best Practices

Support Groups

Support Groups

Wellness Trends & Happenings

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