Wellness Doctor Patrons

Our Wellness Doctor Patron (WDP) network is expanding swiftly with regular interest flowing in.


Some of our Doctor Patrons include:

Not an exhaustive list and its expanding

We aim to close at 25 WDPs with a good coverage of all major specializations, ailments and health solutions with the overarching role of Wellness.

Our Wellness movement engages medical practitioners to associate at the advisory level and we tap their network, resources as well as expertise. Wherever applicable, we also pair them with Health Heroes after they recommend such Health Heroes from their patient network. They also benefit immensely from our platform for outreach and enterprise. These WDPs are dedicated Wellness Champions focusing on lifestyle and preventive care.

These accomplished doctors offer several use cases on Wellness best practices and are either independent practitioners or affiliated to top notch US institutions.

What we look for

We select few dedicated WDPs to engage them long term and work out a flexible time commitment on a quarterly as well as annual basis to avoid schedule conflict with their other activities. To display their mark of commitment to ICC Crack the Wellness Code, they are usually one-time donors, who believe in addressing this enormous societal challenge of Health and Wellness.

For details, contact us for the WDP Patron package.

Package for WDPs (subject to changes)

  • Recognition in website and select digital promo material
  • Recognition in major events
  • Regular updates on activities and progress on Wellness Initiatives
  • Invite to events and webinars, workshops and other Wellness Programs
  • Help in content development and vetting
  • Proactively engaging in Health Hero project
  • Community outreach and Meetup initiatives
  • WDPs enjoy access to the proliferating network of CWC-ICC Wellness Ecosystem
  • Arranging meetings with health experts, nutritionists, seasoned practitioners, Wellness Champions as well as other Patrons who are iconic individuals and philanthropists
  • Organize custom workshops backed by community demand based interest areas of WDPs
  • Participating in specific Specialized Advisory Forums of matching interest