Initiated in the famed Silicon Valley across San Francisco Bay Area, we are an ecosystem of medical practitioners, nutritionists, dietitians, entrepreneurs, professionals, corporate executives, health heroes and wellness champions dedicated to crack the wellness code by embracing evidence based lifestyle, diet, wellness best practices, preventive care, technology and insightful analytics. Read more


Diabetes Management Workshop at Google
Meetup on Natural Healing
Annual Mega Conference


Health Heroes

This is a unique initiative to impact our rapidly growing community of members ready to adopt Wellness best practices, receive mentoring and attend dedicated coaching sessions. Special interest groups to match Health Heroes with those looking for help are effective platforms that at times get facilitated by Wellness Doctor Patrons to support health and wellbeing on a sustained basis.

Healthy Cooking

Many of our leading events offer healthy cooking demo and food tasting by renowned Wellness chefs, who are also trained nutritionists and dieticians. We offer a wide variety of healthy food during these demos. It could range from generic experimental diets (approved by our Wellness Doctor Patrons) to mouthwatering SOS (Salt, Oil, Sugar) free food preparations, PBWF (Plant Based Wholefood), as well as popular global cuisines.


Clinics offer direct support to the members, who need deeper engagement in specific areas of Healthcare and Wellness. We offer these Clinics through our Wellness Doctor Patrons and Partners like Hume Center and several other Institutions. We aim to organize Clinics at Milpitas as well as diverse locations focusing on mind and body Wellness. Clinics on demand include Behavioral Health, Dental and Skin Care, Sleep as well as those pertaining to the needs of Seniors and Youth.



No wonder food is medicine. What you put in your body matters. Healthy and delicious food constitutes an integral part of our Wellness Movement. We have a panel of chefs, dietitians and caterers to educate, empower and enable access to awesome food for our members. Participants at some events and Meetups enjoy a variety of healthy and tasty food from our certified vendors.


Our Wellness Movement is driven by lifestyle practices for preventive care and supplementing medication for those ailing or in the healing process. We have a wide range of lifestyle practitioners for fitness, dance, meditation, yoga (including laughter yoga), music and art to encourage holistic lifestyle for all ages.

Product & Services

From books, videos to a variety of wellness products and services, we link them with holistic health solutions that are covered in phases. We initially focus on Heart Health, Diabesity and Cancer and then move to overall wellness that cater to youth, women and seniors. Working with Product & Service Providers to offer discounts for members.



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