Initiated in the famed Silicon Valley across San Francisco Bay Area, we are a bunch of medical practitioners, nutritionists, dieticians, entrepreneurs, professionals, health heroes and wellness champions looking to crack the health code by embracing scientifically proven lifestyle, best practices, preventive care, technology and insightful analytics. Read more


Health Heroes

To rapidly impact a growing community of members ready to adopt Wellness best practices, receive mentoring and attend dedicated coaching sessions. Going forward, special interest groups of HH focusing on specific ailments to be formed so as to improve health and wellbeing on a sustained basis.


We conduct transformational workshops with dedicated instructors, many of them are globally renowned coming from USA and other leading global centers. Dietician crafted healthy meals, lifestyle practices like meditation and fitness drills are packaged with each workshops. Sleep, sitting diseases, mindfulness and happiness are some of the ingredients of these highly engaging workshops.

Healthy Cooking

All our annual and quarterly events have healthy cooking demo by renowned chefs who are also trained nutritionists and dieticians. We offer a wide range of food during these demos. It could range from SOS (Salt, Oil, Sugar) free food preparations that are mouthwatering and appealing to serve. From pure vegan to recipes from TrueNorth,



No wonder food is medicine. What you put in your body matters. Healthy and delicious food is an integral part of all our events. This is backed up by cooking demo by leading nutritionists, dieticians and chefs. We have a panel of such chefs, dietitians and caterers to deliver awesome food for all those attend our event.


Our Wellness Movement is driven by lifestyle practices – healthy eating, sleep, exercise and other best practices. We come up with products, services, best practices, training and transformational workshops plus webinars on lifestyle. Mindfulness, mind-body connect, emotional impact on total health is fully recognized and accepted as part of healthy lifestyle practices.

Product & Services

Tubro Metabolism


Our Blogs

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    Focus on the Core First We are constantly bombarded with messages about the potential health benefits of different things. It is easy to become confused and to lose track of the things that are really important, This is especially true when we are continually being distracted and misled by the news media, commercial interests and […]

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