Our Goals

Vision and Mission

CWC-ICC Vision Improve wellbeing of 100,000 challenged South Asians in Bay Area (lacking right and timely information, resources and networks) in 5 years through affordable holistic solution focusing on preventive care, lifestyle, diet and best practices, combining evidence based Western and Eastern Wellness therapies with our proven innovative Wellness Ecosystem of Doctors, Nutritionists, Food Vendors, Chefs, Health Heroes, Practitioners and Coaches.
Mission Educate Inspire Empower Impact
Options ConferencesWorkshopsWebinarsPodcastsDedicated Meetups. Crowd-source topics & challenge areas. Engage doctors + practitioners Engage variety of real life health heroes – seen it and done it. Great exemplary model. Health Heroes are also vetted by Doctors to share inspirational stories & offer mentoring programs. Support Groups for local areas, activities, corporates, & entrepreneurs. Engage facilitators and practitioners along with Support Group leaders. Tools & immersive sessions for transformation. Work with partners Stanford CARE, UCI IFH & Consultants to measure impact and health assessment index. Tracking & alert tools. Mobile & Web based Apps.

Where are we going?

We are ready to tap our Ecosystem to offer

  1. High Impact and Engaging Events
  2. Transformational Workshops
  3. Webinars, Online Content + Engagement
  4. Food – Tasting, Cooking Demos + Practices
  5.  Health Hero Programs 
  6. Democratizing Wellness – HSAC + Meetups
  7. Lifestyle, Fitness and Meditation
  8. Impact Assessment, Surveys & Crowdsourcing

Initiatives in the pipeline


  • September 7: Women & Family Wellness
  • November 23: Fitness – Your Key to Wellness

Workshops (in the making)

  • Diabetes – Preventive & Reversal
  • Gut Management
  • Mental Resilience
  • Sleep Management
  • Mindfulness
  • Women Health
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Allergy Treatments
  • Brain Health
  • Healthy Cooking
  • Deep Meditation & Yoga
  • Technology & Health