Health Heroes

Health Heroes – Definition and Operational Framework

(Vetted by our Team of Medical Professionals)

Why Health Heroes (HH)?

To rapidly impact a growing community of members ready to adopt Wellness best practices, receive mentoring and attend dedicated coaching sessions. Going forward, special interest groups of HH focusing on specific ailments to be formed so as to improve health and wellbeing on a sustained basis.

These HH are offered a platform to champion exemplary Lifestyle and Wellness practices for those aspiring to become like them through interactive forums and bilateral/multilateral exchanges. HH are thus the most valuable resource in the community to reduce and ultimately eliminate lifestyle and related problems that aggravate health hazards leading to enormous expenses as well as distress. There will be persistent efforts to produce videos, e-books, blogs and other forms of content dissemination on HH to enhance overall wellness of the target members of the society.   

What is it?

  1. HH are those demonstrating truly remarkable reversal of acute health problems and chronic diseases backed by scientific evidence through the pursuit of dedicated lifestyle as well as wellness best practices over a sustained period of time.

  2. Another genre of HH are those who demonstrate healthy lifestyle (food, exercise, sleep, mental resilience, etc.) during their entire lives with persistent focus on preventive care rather than managing costly and avoidable health crisis. This second category of HH to be called Health Advocate.

  3. After having gone that path of remarkable recovery or exemplary lifestyle, these HH have already embarked (or ready embark) on the mission to educate, mentor and create forums to introduce more health heroes like them across all sections of the community.

  4. HH may voluntarily commit to a modest annual membership fee to support to transform other members into HH. This would be carried out through interview sessions, video capsules, e-books, blogs, best practices documentation and other content disseminating tools. HH are expected to attend all programs, events and champion them. They are recognized at various forums and offered special discounts in each of the 4+ events and programs during the year.

  5. HH are willing to mentor interested community members and become the drivers of the WRC platform, whenever called for. First mentioning session during events are free. Thereafter, it’s a 1-1 decision to pursue further and include a commercial component based on the time and resources offered.

Why now?


The time is now, when the projected $ 4.3 Trillion Wellness industry is booming with smart technologies,
spate of newly released products, diverse best practices and lifestyle approaches. At a time when the community in San Francisco Bay Area and rest of the world are continuously challenged with health issues, these HH’s are seen as role models. Their lifestyle backed by scientific evidence could unleash the necessary guiding principles to the Wellness movement being orchestrated.



The WRC has already identified HH’s and interestingly many of these initial HH are being evaluated by medical practitioners, who are part of the current ecosystem. These practitioners set the guidelines and criteria for HH to ensure the specific standards and above processes are retained in recruiting HH by various experts, current HH and our champions.

Targets for recruiting HH are set regularly (quarterly basis). Members as well as existing HH reach out to prospective candidates, invite them to various Wellness forums and make them members as well as champions. There would be disclaimers and guidelines for HH to support these initiatives to meet compliance
requirements. These documents to be available from the new web platform. 


The 1-20-100 metrics of transformation.


Through a bunch of initiatives that include role play, knowledge dissemination, mentoring, etc., It is estimated that 1 HH should be able to directly impact 20 community members and nearly 100 of them indirectly on an annual basis by helping them to transform their lives. Various tools and platforms to be channelized to generate this impact. Mentee evaluation forms and surveys to be used for capturing various metrics to measure impact.


Sustenance and Drivers

  • All attempts are underway to ensure the HH movement does not lose steam. Leading HH pay membership fees (this is voluntary and not mandatory) to support this endeavor and there will be dedicated sponsors to grow and showcase them.

  • Quarterly targets are set to recruit new health heroes. On an average, the aim is to recruit 25 HH per
    quarter or 100 per year.

  • With the 1-20-100 metrics of transformation becoming operational, the role of HH and their positioning
    becomes more evident

  • Mentoring and coaching by health heroes to be one the key driving factors for the entire HH initiative

  • WRC toolkit for HH like videos, interview sessions, blogs and e-book to create a pull within the community to become HH and be inspired by other veteran HH

  • Recognition of HH at all major events and awards given out to them annually for remarkable accomplishments to ensure regular engagement with HH and their inspiring lifestyle  

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