Crack the Wellness Code Story

Initiated in the famed Silicon Valley across San Francisco Bay Area, we are an ecosystem of medical practitioners, nutritionists, dietitians, entrepreneurs, professionals, corporate executives, health heroes and wellness champions dedicated to crack the wellness code by embracing evidence based lifestyle, diet, wellness best practices, preventive care, technology and insightful analytics.

Crack the Wellness Code (CWC) swiftly emerged as a powerful brand championed by a proliferating community in San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Periodic surveys confirm that our stakeholders are asking for more with the aim to grow a vibrant membership base. So, what began as an experimental event in July 2018, led to an orchestrated Wellness movement.

CWC is promoted by ICC (India Community Center) – the largest non religious and apolitical Community Center for South Asians in North America, headquartered in Milpitas, California. ICC is now moving to 13 cities across Bay Area. Over the past 17 years since its inception, Wellness was a focus area for ICC. Now CWC initiatives extend beyond the existing ICC Wellness Initiatives – Gym, Sevathon, Senior & Youth Programs, Yoga, Fitness, etc.

We are rolling out a series of programs and health practices for community members to improve health and wellbeing by accessing effective solutions as well as resources on a sustainable basis. From the current 25,000, we aim to touch the lives of more than 100,000 people both onsite and online in 5 years.

Core Problem

Many successful professionals and entrepreneurs are grappling with health issues. Children and seniors in our community need the right health resources at the right time. Healthy lifestyle and eating habits are often the crux of this problem. With 18% US GDP spent on healthcare and rising medical bills as well as stress playing havoc, the search for universal solution is a nationwide concern that has global footprints. 

Our Solution and the Wellness Movement

So, we went beyond our 700+ sold out events to embrace a wide range of Wellness best practices that among others include Workshops, Mentoring by Health Heroes, Health Activity Support Groups, Clinics and Technology platform to scale. Focus of our Wellness Movement to be on lifestyle, functional medicine and preventive care.

Team & Structure